Alexis and I have been slowly working through Find Your Voice: A Guided Poetry Journal for Your Heart and Your Art by Noor Unnahar. The prompts are building, teaching us about the many schools of poetry and poetic devices.

This one is from the section about anaphora, a device that uses repetition to create rhythm and emphasis within a poem. “One thing about anaphora,” as Alexis mentioned, “is that it makes it easy to rhyme your poetry.”

This is inspired by the prompt to write a poem about a long-distance relationship.

He loves me
He loves me not
So the daisy repeats her refrain
As she dies one petal at a time
In a homage to my pain.

He loves me
He loves me not
So I ask from a distant shore
Awaiting your letters, your calls
That I never get anymore.

He loves me
He loves me not
And your absence makes my heart grow fonder
But I have learned the hard truth
Out of sight, out of mind gives you less to ponder.

We played once in a field of grass
We played once in a barn
The scent of fresh-cut hay
The scent of a summer day
A hive hidden in a tree
The sting of a bee.

By Mary Ann Aschenbrenner